Safe Oil Level Sensor for Continuous Mining Coal Shearing Machines

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Intrinsically Safe Level Sensor
Capacitive Measurement Technology
Glass-filled Nylon Mounting Plate and Collars
About Gill Sensors


Oil Level Sensor from Gill Sensors for advanced, heavy-duty transmission has been approved by ATEX for use in dangerous area mining applications. The customized and intrinsically safe level sensor has been fitted into the gearbox of the ranging arm of a huge mining coal shearing machine.

Intrinsically Safe Level Sensor

The sensor is ATEX Ex I M2 and IECEx Ex ia I Mb approved for de-energised operation in a methane set up. The device meets the precise needs of the renowned developer of specialist mining machinery. Weighing more than 85 tonnes, the coal shearing machine works beneath the ground level for extended periods of time. Generally, in order to recover a damaged vehicle to the surface, extensive logistics and cost are involved. Hence, to prevent a transmission failure in case of oil leakage, the transmission oil level sensor was recommended.

Safe oil level sensor

Intrinsically Safe Level Sensor.

Capacitive Measurement Technology

Like other Gill liquid level sensors, transmission oil level sensor employs the capacitive measurement technology which gives a non-stop output across the entire depth of the transmission oil reservoir instantly, thus providing the operator to view the remaining level.

The sensor has a stainless-steel construction and is specifically developed to offer consistent operation in dusty and high vibration environments that are typically associated with this kind of operation. Similar to other electronic equipment used in underground mines, the oil level sensor has passed rigorous electrical tests to obtain the Intrinsically Safe approval.

oil level sensor from the top

Sensor approved to ATEX Ex I M2 & IECEx Ex ia I Mb.

Glass-filled Nylon Mounting Plate and Collars

The oil level sensor includes a glass-filled nylon mounting plate and glass-filled nylon collars over each mounting hole to separate the sensor from the tank. The tip of the tube section features an external thermistor that offers a constant oil temperature output through an isolated analogue channel. An integral brass connector is also integrated in the sensor.

oil level sensor from the side

Nylon electrical isolation plate.


Gill Sensors designs customized oil level sensors to suit extreme industrial applications. Customers requiring an intrinsically safe oil level sensor can contact the company’s expert engineers.

About Gill Sensors

Gill Sensors is a business unit of the highly successful Gill Research and Development Ltd. Continuing the company tradition of supplying innovation and value to our customers, Gill Sensors have employed patented induction technology and the novel use of capacitive theory to provide a range of standard and customised non-contact position, level and bulk sensor solutions.

Products Include:

  • Liquid Level Sensors
  • Fuel Level Sensors
  • Position Sensors
  • Flow Sensors
  • Speed Sensors

Gill Sensors also designs and manufactures sensors for harsh environments. Products include position sensors, liquid level sensors, flow sensors, speed sensors, oil condition sensors and bulk materials level sensors.

What sets Gill apart is its focus and attention to customer satisfaction. It recognises that its customers will be faced with particular challenges that cannot be serviced by traditional methods and/or will be looking for alternative approaches and techniques.

Gill provide a total one-stop electronic, software and product customisation service from initial concept right through to volume production. The provision of rapid prototypes is of particular benefit to customers with aggressive project timeframes where the evaluation of sample sensors gains valuable advantages in terms of time and mitigation of risk.

Gill design solutions are imaginative and flexible, producing an optimised solution, which takes into account cost as well as functionality. Its successful track record is achieved by managing all aspects of the design process coupled with excellent customer relations maintained by regular open communications.

Globally recognised companies will testify to the advantages of employing Gill solutions whether it is a one off design or the supply of high volume products.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Gill Sensors.

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