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Allana Potash Obtains Continued Potash Mineralization Results from Musley Deposit

Published on March 21, 2012 at 3:45 AM

By Joel Scanlon

Allana Potash has declared that two strong potash mineralization zones, Sylvinite and Kainitite have been intersected in holes DK-11-32, DK-11-33 and DK-11-34. All holes are situated at the southeast of the Musley deposit, which is a targeted region for testing the Sylvinite Zone extension into a gap in the former drill pattern.

Hole 32 intersected Sylvinite Zone at 1.4 m width of 29.6% KCl which was present into a zone containing sylvinite and carnallite with 3.2 m thickness. At 203.2 m depth, the hole 32 intersected the Kainitite Zone and yielded 3.3 m of 15.4% KCl. In the Kainitite Zone, hole 33 intersected 6 m of 23.9% KCl and in the Sylvinite Zone, has intersected 1.5 m of 30.1% KCl. Hole 34 intersected 7.9 m of 22.9% KCl in the Kainitite Zone and 3 m of 38.4% KCl in the Sylvinite Zone.

All three holes are situated to the east of hole 31 and north of holes 16 and 8. Sylvinite occurred at 197.1 m depth of hole 32, 467.5 m depth of hole 33 and 174.0 m depth of hole 34 whereas potash mineralization occurred at shallow depths.

All three holes were drilled vertically. Hole 32 is present around 500 m northeast of Hole 31. It is situated at the east of Musley Deposit and western part of the concession block. This location proposes that potash mineralization is continually found in the gaps of holes 30 and 16 in the Musley Deposit. Earlier results that produced higher sylvinite grades and the results of hole 32 indicates the presence of potash in this region.

Hole 33 is situated around 1 km east of hole 32. The results from this hole, which contained sylvinite and kainitite intersects, indicates the continual presence of potash from the east of hole 32. This extends the Musley Deposit to the eastern marginal licensed area of Allana.

Hole 34 is situated around 1 km north of Hole 16. Even the results of this hole, showed higher potash mineralization, which suggests the continual presence of potash mineralization from hole 16 to 8 in the south and from hole 10 to 30 in the north.


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