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Refuge One Air Centre from RANA-Medical

The Refuge One Air Centre is a self-contained system that is designed to provide oxygen at controlled rates, and to remove carbon dioxide from the air in an enclosed space. The unit does not depend on the compressed air pipeline, and in an emergency does not require an external electrical source.

The air within the Refuge Station is "processed" by the Refuge One Air Centre, as opposed to purging the Carbon Dioxide laden room air with "new air" from the compressed air. To effectively accomplish this, the air flow through the carbon dioxide scrubbers has to be at the same rate as required by the compressed air system.

The Refuge One Air Centre's principle of operation is very similar to the Drager BG 174 self contained breathing apparatus. Whereas the Refuge One Air Centre sits in the middle of a sealed chamber (the Refuge Station), processing the air to remove Carbon Dioxide and replenishing the Oxygen, the BG 174 also operates in a sealed chamber, albeit closed circuit tubing.

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