Mining Dozer from Advanced Model Railroad and Hobby Supply

Coal is the life blood of the electric power industry as well as the modern railroad industry. This kit is a Huge tracked Mining Bulldozer with a Loading Bucket and Ripper ideal for the Coal industry. You see these in the coal mines once the overburden is stripped away these heavy dozers come in and use their bucket to move off any left behind overburden to expose the coal seam.

They then go to work using the Ripper unit to break up the seam of coal. Once they finish ripping it up the mining shovels or these units can come in and load out the shattered coal onto mining trucks for the haul to the conveyors.

This unit would also feel at home in any mining setting or at any Aggregate processing plant.

This Dozer adds realism to any layout. Seeing the Huge High Dozer Ripping the coal next to the processing facility or the loading facility and you have an eye catching centerpiece for your layout. This Huge Dozer with Bucket and Ripper that just heavy hard work.

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