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GT3000 Drilling Rig from Globe Drill

Globe Drill is proud to introduce a new addition to our product line, the GT3000 deep hole drill rig. Targeting geothermal exploration and production hole development, the new rig has been designed ‘fit for purpose’, and the associated cost benefits for the owner/contractor are two-fold:

  • Utilising a combination of new and current down hole technology, Globe Drill has created an opportunity produce a highly cost effective geothermal hole.
  • The rig also offers far superior time savings for deep hole campaigns by comparison to incumbent outdated, conventional methods.
  • Economic viability is what makes the Globe Drill GT3000 rig outstanding, due to its extremely conservative purchase price when compared to traditional competitors in this catagory.

The GT Series of drill rigs feature:

  • A 30” drill table opening allowing for up to 26” casing at the ground collar.
  • Production holes can be drilled to depth with a finished casing size of 10 & 5/8”.
  • Progressive pull-back force enables faster drilling at shallower depths for initial campaign efficiency.
  • At greater depth, pull-back force is increased whilst feed rates are reduced enabling finer control over the bit weight 
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