Industrial Diamonds From CUSTODIAM S. A.

General term for diamond grits in sawing and drilling applications, ranking in size from 20 mesh down to 80 mesh.

One of the first families of manufactured diamonds was aimed at meeting the demands and needs of a wide variety of sawing and drilling applications.

Diamond products have been designed to offer specific size, shape, strength and surface characteristics which makes them appropriate for stone, concrete and geological drilling applications.

The size of crystals used in cutting tools determines both the amount of diamond exposed (and hence the material removal rate), as well as the number of crystals per carat. As mesh sizes increase, pieces per carat increase too. Since the number of crystals on the surface of a cutting tool influences tool's life and performance, it is therefore critical to choose the right or rather most appropriate mesh size. For instance, coarser crystals and greater exposure could lead to faster material removal rate.

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