SR20 GPS Receiver from Leica Geosystems

The SR20 single frequency survey system performs high accuracy static and kinematic data collection for the land surveyor.

The Leica SR20 is capable of centimeter accurate post-processed solutions, as well as sub-meter real-time Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) solutions, such as WAAS and EGNOS. Built with an intuitive survey workflow that is both easy to learn and use, the SR20 offers the maximum in flexibility out of a GPS receiver. All of this coupled with the powerful Leica GPS technology makes this low-cost GPS receiver a great package.

Key Features

  • Powerful GPS engine that yields centimeter accurate results.
  • Flexible system to support a wide variety of Land Surveying and GIS requirements.
  • Surveying applications including COGO and coordinate transformations.
  • Leica Geo Office Software for powerful post-processing.
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