ANFOMIX Mixer from Industrial Explosives Pvt. Ltd.

ANFO is being used extensively by the Mining industry. Usually it is hand mixed in a tray which exposes ANFO to dirt and humidity. Moreover if more quantity is required then more hands are to be engaged. To overcome these difficulties as well as to provide pure homogeneous ANFO we have developed mixers.

Ammonium Nitrate when mixed with 5.5% by weight of Combustible Organic Materials, such as Fuel Oil, acquire Explosives Properties. To get an Oxygen Balance Explosives Mixture 'ANFO', Ammonium Nitrate should be Homogeneously mixed with Fuel oil. Conventional Hand Mixing is time Consuming and does not give Homogeneous Mixture.

For Obtaining a Homogeneous Mixture of 'ANFO', the hand operated Mixer manufactured by us is an ideal equipment.

It is made out of Light wt. but sturdy steel tubular frame and has two H. D. P. E. Containers each of 11 kgs. capacity. These containers can be detached from the mixer and used for Carrying 'ANFO' for charging Extra Container can also be had, so that process of mixing and charging of holes can be done simultaneously.

Practical Tests carried out show that a through and Homogeneous Mixture is obtained by slowly revolving the containers 50 times, which take about 2 minutes.

CAPACITY :- Each Can should be filled with 11 kg. Ammonium Nitrate and 3.4 kg. Fuel Oil, a total 23.5 kg. of ANFO is obtained in one operation.

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