DHK High Speed Circumchain Electric Hoist from Zhejiang Feiniao Crane Mechanical Co.,Ltd.

  1. Check the components such as fishhook, chain and bolt to make sure they are in good condition before use.
  2. Make sure the goods' weight not exceed the crane limit, do not use two machines to lift one good at the same line.
  3. The lifter chain should be hanger vertically, the down steel beam is prohibited to turn between two chains according to two-lifter chain machine and the hoisting height of goods couldn't exceed the crane limit height
  4. Strictly prohibit people to walk under it when it works
  5. The supply voltage frequency must accord with the name plate limit, under the nominal frequency, the pressure couldn't under 90% of the limit.
  6. The machine should avoid to be drenched, also it is unfit for lifting goods with poisonAcorrosion Ahigh temperature or voltageAflammability and explosibility,the working environment should accord:temperature -25 C~ +40 C, humiolity < 90%
  7. When it is lifting, It should be arranged and operated by special person. after hoisting, try to empty running in order to check if the connection, hoisting chain or fishhook are in gear, then put in to use .the process should be observed by special person for every machine ,who should examine if the scaffold touched the wall, the hoist has exceptional noise or the chain has locked for every minute, it must be stopped as soon as you find such problems.
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