HG330 Raise Boring from RUC Cementation Mining Contractors

A Wirth HG330 SP is an all-hydraulic Raisebore machine designed to drill shafts of six (6) metres in diameter to depths of 1,000 metres in hard rock formations. The Wirth HG330 is currently the worlds largest Raiseboring machine, expanding RUC's raisboring capabilities.


  • Raise Diameter: 3.5m - 6m
  • Raise Length: 1000 meters +
  • Pilot Hole Diameter: 15" Tri-cone bit size
  • Drive: 2 x 200kW
  • Drive Type: Hydraulic Drive
  • Drive Speeds: 0 - 48 rpm
  • Ream Speeds: 0 - 4 rpm
  • Pilot Thrust: 296 tonnes at 25 MPA
  • Reaming Pull: 1000 tonnes at 36 MPA
  • Weight: 75,000 kg
  • Transport Means: Rig is modular and components are assembled by crane or overhead gantry (9m clearance req.)
  • Vertical Drilling: 7 meters (Derrick Height) 
  • Dip Angle Limit -
  • Power Requirements:  650 kVA at 415 volts, 3 phase, 50Hz
  • Water Consumption: Water is recylced through 3 settling sumps. Make up water of 100m3 per day required subject to water losses due to ground conditions.
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