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Side Dump Mine Car from Anshan Heavy Duty Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.

Single side ramp granby mine cars are simply called side dump mine cars, which can achieve the automatic unloading and automatic reset by the unloading wheel arm and the unloading curve track when cars are moving. The advantages are high efficiency, safety and reliability. Unloading ore is under the locomotive traction,when the unloading wheels climb up the track, the carriages shall overturn automatically and the door shall open automatically. After the cars passing the curve track, the carnages will go back to its original position and the doors will be automatically locked.

There are YCC series side dump mine cars and IC series side dump mine cars. Different models of side dump mine car match with different unloading tracks.

YCC and IC series side dump mine cars are suitable for surface and underground mining metal mine or other mine, to transport the ore, waste rocks and other matenals along the underground tunnels and the surface working site.

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