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Synergy Resources Reports Mid-Year Reserve Estimates

Synergy Resources Corporation, a domestic oil and gas exploration and production company focused in the Denver-Julesburg Basin (the "D-J Basin"), today announced the completion of its mid-year reserve analysis.... [More]

Klondike Silver Corp.: Hinkley Mine Rewards

Klondike Silver Corp. has been rewarded with silver, lead, zinc production resulting from its exploration and development work on the Hinkley Mine which lies just one ... [More]

Survey Of World's Leading Mining Executives Reveals A Bright Future Is Just Around The Corner

In an international report released this week by The Mining Recruitment Group Ltd- a Vancouver based executive search firm focused on the resource industry- 140 mining executives from around the world revealed thei... [More]

Gold Bullion International Moves In To Australia

Gold Bullion International (GBI), a leading provider of precious metals, today announced that it has established vaulting capacity near Melbourne, Australia, the company's first vault in the Asia-Pacific region. The comp... [More]

Rio Tinto Takes Next Steps In Its Iron Ore Development Plans

Rio Tinto is taking the next steps in its phased investment programme by committing US$4.2 billion (100 per cent basis US$6.2 billion) to develop its tier one iron ore business. The investment covers US$3.7 billi... [More]

Yields Can Double Due To Enhanced Oil Recovery Tech

Demand for fossil fuels continues to increase at a steady pace, forcing market participants in the oilfield and gas exploration industries to look beyond readily-available and easily-accessible sources in order to remain... [More]

Demand Continues To Rise For Molybdenum And Other Rare Metals

Production of metals has been at the core of all industry nearly since the dawn of civilization, and has only become more important with time. As the global economy emerges from recession into a new period of growth, hav... [More]

Pacific North West Capital Announces A New Platinum Group Metal Zone On Its River Valley Project, Sudbury, Ontario

Pacific North West Capital Corp.is pleased to announce assay results for exploration drill holes in the River Valley 2012 phase I exploration program on its 100% owned River Valley PGM Property, located within 100 ... [More]

Strong Oil Prices and Technology Advances Leads to Banner Year

As a result of strong oil prices and technology advances making domestic shale resources accessible, the US oil and gas industry had a banner year for growth across several categories. Combined exploration and developmen... [More]

Silver Is Investors King Due To More Demand & Less Supply

Stephen M Smith who is the managing member at Smith McKenna, LLC has been following silver for decades. He argues that a silver investment is actually a better choice for investors over gold right now, for the very reaso... [More]
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