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2959 Cherokee Street, Suite 101
GA, 30144
United States
PH: 1 (770) 846-0155
Fax: 1 (770) 499-7455
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Primary Activity

Component Manufacturer
Vapor Combustor, Mine Gas Flares

Company Background

ABUTEC, an acronym for Advanced Burner Technologies, is an international manufacturer of Environmentally Friendly Combustion Solutions.

ABUTEC manufactures and services Low Emission, Low NOx, enclosed flares for the mine gas industry. We specifically size and design for your unique mine gas needs with flares ranging in size from 10 scfm up to 6000 scfm. All ABUTEC systems, vapor combustors, mine gas flares, and solutions meet EPA regulation 40 CFR 60.18 and are BACT approved.

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