Geology for Civil Engineers

Geology for Civil Engineers
Preface to the second edition. Preface to the first edition. Introduction. Minerals and rocks. Superficial deposits. Distribution of rocks at and below the surface. Subsurface (ground) water. Geological exploration of an engineering site. Rocks and civil engineering. Principal geological factors affecting certain engineering projects. Appendices: A: Descriptions of some important soil groups. B: Hydraulic properties and pumping tests of an aquifer. C: The British Geological Surveys. D: Exploring for old coal workings in the United Kingdom. E: The time-distance graph of first arrivals from a velocity model with two layers separated by a horizontal interface and where V2 is greater than V1. F: Quality of aggregates. G: Aggregate quality and tests in different countries. H: Systematic description of rocks and rock discontinuities. Index.

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