Thermo Scientific Niton XLi Analyzer

The portable Thermo Scientific Niton XLi X-ray fluorescence analyzer offers a number of radioisotope sources in an ultra-portable design to satisfy application demands.

Key Features

The key features of the Thermo Scientific Niton XLi X-ray fluorescence analyzer are:

  • The XRF analyzer is light-weight and small and features point-and-shoot operation and an improved ergonomic form-factor with perfect weight balance for applications such as lead paint inspection and offers value choices for metal alloy, mining, environmental and archaeometric applications.
  • It cannot be fitted in tight spaces for positive material identification (PMI), especially through small-diameter inspection plugs.
  • The Niton Xli features pioneering safety and 12-foot telescoping extension pole is available that fits into places that cannot be reached by any other XRF analyzer.

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