HIAC ROC Particle Counters from Beckman Coulter

The HIAC ROC particle counter available from Beckman Coulter is specifically designed for adverse environments. It is ideal for high temperature and high pressure applications and provides hassle-free maintenance.

The HIAC ROC serves point-of-use applications, multipoint system monitoring as well as a wide range of mobile and industrial applications.

Key Features

The main features of the HIAC ROC particle counters are:

  • Instant liquid particle counting results: Real-time liquid particle counting contamination and condition data available for rapid decision-making in oil analysis applications
  • Can fit to any application: Samples various oil-based products with 2 to 424cSt range, along with high pressure and temperature options
  • Data available on highly visual local display: Local display provides ISO codes for each liquid particle count channel, as well as alarms and status information
  • Accuracy, reliability and service: On-line liquid particle counter provides long-lasting laser diode needed for continuous on-line operation

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