Portable Expeditionary Fluid Analysis System: The Spectro Q5800

The Q5800 portable expeditionary fluid analysis system from Spectro is designed to help field operators perform detailed, mobile lubricant sampling. This battery-powered system allows comprehensive lubricant evaluation for condition monitoring and provides instant results for rapid decision making.

The rugged expeditionary fluid analysis system comprises three key components: an infrared spectrometer that features a novel flip-top cell TAN/TBN, mixed up fluids, water content, soot and oxidation using infrared technology; a filtration particle quantifier (FPQ) tower for irregular wear metal analysis utilizing particle counting and XRF technology; and a solvent-free kinematic viscometer that has capacity to measure lubricant kinematic viscosity.

Key Features

The main features of the Spectro Q5800 system are:

  • Precisely detects possible failures before they happen
  • Easy to transport
  • Includes a backpack for device and accessories
  • Instant results for rapid decision making
  • Integrated software for thorough fluid analysis
  • Rugged design for on-site, field-based use
  • Tests all kinds of lubricating fluids and asset compartments
  • Touch screen interface
  • Battery operated with Bluetooth and WIFI

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