Portable Fuel Analysis Dilution Meter: The Spectro FDM Q600

The Spectro FDM Q600 portable fuel analysis dilution meter is designed to provide fast and precise measurements of fuel contamination in engine oil. The instrument is suitable for both field and laboratory applications.

The fuel analysis dilution meter employs a surface acoustic wave (SAW) vapor microsensor to assess the concentration of fuel in lubricating oil samples. It uses a pump to direct headspace vapors towards the SAW sensor, which identifies the absorbed hydrocarbons through a frequency change in SAW.

Key Features

The main features of the Spectro FDM Q600 are:

  • Measures fuel dilution up to 10%
  • Smaller footprint, suitable for both lab and field use
  • Single point calibration
  • User friendly, robust and reliable
  • Low maintenance, self-diagnostic test
  • Economical to use, requires no chemicals or consumables
  • Takes ~ 60 seconds to perform a measurement
  • Uniquely designed ‘clamp and sample’ bottle platform enables analysis of 40 or more samples per hour


The main applications of the Spectro FDM Q600 are:

  • Fuel dilution measurement in used oils
  • Machine condition based monitoring

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