SPECTROLAB: Advanced Laboratory Metal Analyzer

SPECTROLAB is an advanced metal analyzer that provides optimal analytical performance for the whole range of metal analysis applications. The instrument's success in different industries is due to the analytical function of several core components such as source, optic and readout systems.

The analytical function of the instrument can be custom-designed using any combination of 10 standard matrices such as Zn, Pb, Sn, Ti, Mg, Co, Ni, Cu, Al and Fe, or as alternative from the 5 metal matrices such as Ru, Pd, Pt, Ag and Au. The analyzer consists of a number of CCD element channels for wavelengths between 120 and 780nm and up to 108 fixed high performance analog channels with micro-integration function for single spark evaluation and ultra-trace analysis.

The SPECTROLAB's unique hybrid optic consists of digital sensors and analog detectors to process the light directly from the spark stand with CCD detectors and photomultiplier tubes at the same time. This results in extremely low detection limits and better flexibility of operation. The plasma generator further creates an extremely stable discharge for exciting the sample in an argon atmosphere. The signals from the PMT detectors and the CCD sensors are processed by the readout system.

The instrument can be configured with 22 CCDs, each having 3800 pixels. The spark stand technology requires minimal maintenance and low argon consumption. The SPECTRO Spark Analyzer Vision software is integrated with the diagnosis system to continuously check and monitor the operating status of the instrument.

Key Features

The main features of the SPECTROLAB are:

  • Unique hybrid optic with analog detectors and digital sensors
  • Digital plasma generator ensures exact control of the plasma conditions
  • Covers the complete spectrum from 120 to 780nm for perfect line selection
  • Low maintenance spark stand with low argon consumption
  • Hybrid optic ensures low detection limits and flexible operation
  • Spark stand facilitates low argon consumption and minimal maintenance
  • Comprehensive instrument software comes with calibration module and Result Manager


The key applications of the SPECTROLAB are:

  • Analysis of elements like aluminum, iron, copper, steel, cobalt, nickel, tin, magnesium, lead, titanium cast iron, zinc and precious metals
  • Determination of oxygen in low alloy steel

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