SPECTRO MS: ICP Mass Spectrometer for Inorganic Material Analysis

SPECTRO MS is a double-focusing sector field ICP MS based on a newly developed ion optic and detector technology and Mattauch-Herzog geometry. It can simultaneously measure the entire mass range utilized for inorganic mass spectrometry right from lithium to uranium using a permanent ion beam striking the detector.

Using the SPECTRO MS ICP MS, data storage for the entire mass spectrum provides excellent flexibility to the method development for determining elements in a sample. The ICP MS not only determines the contents of the elements, but also measures the isotope ratios in the complete mass range. The simultaneous measurement of the samples can improve the precision, thereby leading to the development of new application areas.

The powerful, low-maintenance vacuum system includes two turbo-molecular pumps and an internal rotary pump for efficient evacuation of the interface, ion optic and mass spectrometer. The SPECTRO MS sample chamber enables simple and rapid exchange of the entire sample introduction system or its individual components. The instrument has an excellent readout rate in its G3 ion detector, which provides high precision and excellent detection limits.

The disturbing electrons, photons and neutral particles are separated by an ion optic with extreme efficiency. The Direct Charge Detector (DCD) is a completely new semiconductor detector that consists of 4800 channels, and has a high readout rate. The SPECTRO mass analyzer Vision software package consists of an intuitive user interface which is easy to operate.

Key Features

The main features of the SPECTRO MS are:

  • Maximum flexibility
  • High sample throughput rate
  • G3 ion detector readout ensures excellent detection limits and accuracy
  • Double focusing magnetic sector field mass spectrometer ensures no signal loss from pulsing ions onto the analyzer and no scanning
  • ICAL system logic for continuous optimal operation
  • Intuitive instrument software allows control of the entire ion optic
  • Compatible with EPA, FDA, CLP and 21 CFR Part 11 as well as other standards and guidelines


The key applications of the SPECTRO MS are:

  • Elemental analysis of archeological samples
  • Determination of platinum group elements
  • Simultaneous analysis of precision metals
  • Analysis of drinking water
  • Interference correction
  • Precise multi-element isotope ratio analysis

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