iSORT: Handheld XRF Spectrometer for Analysis of Metals and Alloys

The SPECTRO iSORT is a new battery-powered handheld metal analyzer designed for on-site analysis and detection of all metals and their alloys. It consists of a spectrometer unit with a replaceable rechargeable battery and a sample probe. It employs efficient arc excitation instead of argon or radioactive source, thereby ensuring simple and easy operation.

The sample probe is integrated with PDA having Windows Operating System, which enables efficient control of the instrument and data processing. The analyzer can perform several measurements with the integrated rechargeable battery.

The SPECTRO iSORT metal analyzer makes use of a ‘fingerprinting’ procedure to automatically perform sample recognition as well as selection of optimal instrument settings. The optimal settings are carried out automatically without any operator intervention.

The SPECTRO iSORT can identify and analyze metals like cobalt, copper, aluminum, titanium, nickel and iron. A scrubbing system is exclusively used for the analysis of carbon in iron base.

The ICAL software continuously monitors the operational status of the analyzer and eliminates the need for lengthy recalibrations in changing the temperature and location.

Key Features

The main features of the SPECTRO iSORT are:

  • Removable PDA integrated in sample probe
  • Automatic Fingerprint-Analysis
  • High-resolution CCD multidetectors
  • Excitation with direct-current arc and high-voltage ignition
  • Simple and fatigue-free operation
  • Sealed protective housing
  • SPECTRO iSORT software makes sorting, identification, analysis of sample simple and convenient


The key applications of the SPECTRO iSORT are:

  • Material testing in production
  • Material failure analysis and weld seams
  • Rapid determination of metal grades
  • Sorting of mixed scrap
  • Classification of expensive alloys
  • Identification of components in chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Incoming quality control

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