iQ II: X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer for Rapid Trace Element Analysis

The SPECTRO iQ II is a rapid high sensitive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer designed for trace element analysis. It is also used for industrial process control applications.

In many applications, the measurement accuracy of key components and the sensitivity for critical trace element analysis assign the SPECTRO iQ II spectrometer in the same performance class as the more high-priced wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers. SPECTRO’s unique energy-dispersive ED-XRF spectrometer technology can now be utilized to handle applications that were previously carried out using advanced instruments.

The SPECTRO iQ II software is designed with clarity, simplicity and focus. At a glance, the user can view all the important functions for regular operation using the new graphical user interface. The touch screen makes operations easier and more intuitive.

Key Features

The main features of the SPECTRO iQ II are:

  • Unique energy-dispersive ED-XRF spectrometer technology
  • Simple and dependable operation
  • Improved technologies
  • Measurement precision


The areas of application of SPECTRO iQ II include:

  • Analysis of major and minor components in rocks, minerals and refractories prepared as fused beads
  • Analysis of unknown samples using SPECTRO’s fundamental parameter based expert system
  • Elemental analysis of additives in lubricating oils
  • Analysis of fly ash
  • Analysis of low sulfur content in diesel fuels according to IP532/05 and ASTM D 7220-06
  • Analysis of low sulfur content in gasoline fuels according to IP532/05 and ASTM D 7220-06
  • Analysis of S and trace element content in Biodiesel
  • Analysis of S, Ni and V in crude oil and middle distillates

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