Stationary Spectrometer for Rapid Elemental Analysis of Metals: SPECTROMAXx

The SPECTROMAXx is a stationary metal analyzer used for rapid and precise elemental analysis of metals at various points of the workflow, right from testing of incoming materials to quality inspection. It can detect all kinds of elements employed in the metal industry including analysis of nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus. and carbon.

The SPECTROMAXx is available in several wavelength ranges for different analytical testing. The internal components of the system are kept clean and free of contamination through an improved air circulation/ventilation system, thereby ensuring accuracy and reliable operation.

In addition, with the use of a user management system and toolbar buttons, the operation of SPECTROMAXx becomes easy and simple. The measurement is controlled using the toolbar buttons and symbols rather than using the menu.

After starting the program, only the required functions remain active in the control software. The new application profiles set the customer specific information prior to operation, thereby avoiding the need of administrative activities from laboratory technicians.

All the operating parameters are separately monitored by the SPECTROMAXx. The measurement time is determined based on the sample properties. The SPECTROMAXx’s proprietary iCAL calibration takes just 5 minutes for total measurement of a single sample.

Key Features

The main features of the SPECTROMAXx analyzer are:

  • Fast, accurate elemental analysis
  • High resolution CCD multi detectors
  • Effective wavelength range
  • Open spark stand for high sample throughput and various kinds of sample geometrics
  • Fully digitalized plasma generator
  • SPECTRO SPARK ANALYZER Pro MAXx for analytical operation and calibration
  • Wide range of configurations
  • Rapid and simple calibration


The main applications of the SPECTROMAXx analyzer are:

  • Analysis of aluminum, copper, nickel, cobalt, magnesium, titanium, lead, tin and zinc and their alloys
  • Analysis of cast iron and steel

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