SPECTRO xSORT - Handheld ED-XRF Spectrometers

The SPECTRO xSORT is a series of handheld ED-XRF spectrometers that delivers spectrochemical analysis and elemental testing of wide range of materials under different conditions. The spectrometers are energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence devices known for their rigidity and reliability.

The SPECTRO xSORT Alloy includes an innovative silicon PIN (Si-PIN) detector that allows identification of metals or nonmetals in seconds, producing repeatable, laboratory-grade results. It is also suitable for rapid inspection of incoming materials.

Designed for advanced metal analysis, the SPECTRO xSORT AlloyPlus comes with a top-of-the-line silicon drift detector (SDD) that performs measurements in 2s. The SDD takes no more than 10 additional seconds to sort alloys with light elements like phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, magnesium and aluminum. The SPECTRO xSORT AlloyPlus is also suitable for positive material identification (PMI) and scrap metals sorting.

With SPECTRO xSORT NonAlloy, reliable measurement and analysis of nonmetallic materials with high performance is possible. The instrument provides spot checks in a few seconds and produce laboratory-grade ppm results by holding on the sample for a long time. It is also ideal for performing environmental and RoHS compliance screening.

The SPECTRO xSORT provides very low detection limits and avoids complex sample preparation.

Key Features

The main features of the SPECTRO xSORT are:

  • Efficient ergonomics
  • Silicon PIN or high resolution, SDD detector
  • Easy-to-use wireless LAN delivers results anywhere on network
  • Optional integrated video camera facilitates precise spot testing
  • Low detection limits
  • Simplified software with touchscreen interface provides ease of use
  • Exclusive SPECTRO iCAL ensures one sample, one-time easy calibration system


The major applications of the SPECTRO xSORT are:

  • Analysis and identification of metal alloys
  • Analysis of precious metals, ores, concentrates and tailings
  • Testing of RoHS/WEEE compliance of plastics
  • Environmental screening of soils, sediments, waste and waste oil

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