XRF Multi-Element Analyzer from Bruker – S2 KODIAK

Bruker's S2 KODIAK is designed for on-line process control in mining operations. The system allows precise measurement of the material composition at any time as well as optimization of the hydro- or pyro-metallurgical processes, thereby improving output and separation efficiency.

For mining applications, real-time process control is highly critical to achieve optimal cost efficiency. The S2 KODIAK allows real-time control of the blending process, thus ensuring a constant concentrate composition with respect to the refining steps. The system analyzes minor and major elements and provides information about the harmful trace elements including Pb or As.

The S2 KODIAK provides fast results and allows error-free integration into the plant control. In general, conventional systems are built on prompt gamma neutron activation analyzers (PGNAA), and require shielding and strict safety regulation. However, S2 KODIAK uses X-rays only during the operation, and includes a simple shielding and safety circuit with high safety levels.

The S2 KODIAK facilitates autonomous operation and eliminates the need to be maintained. It is best-suited for the analysis of tungsten, titanium, molybdenum, chromium, copper, nickel and iron.

Key Features

The main features of the Bruker's S2 KODIAK are:

  • Real-time process control
  • High level of safety
  • Instant, error-free results
  • Highly efficient
  • Can be optimized to increase output and enhance separation efficiency

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