Unique Live Stereoscopic Imaging using Advanced 3D Beam with FERA3

Tescan’s FERA3 XM is a completely automated SEM combined with Xe plasma focused ion beam (i-FIB) column, Schottky field emission cathode, and an optional gas injection system (GIS). It has an ultra-high milling rate and provides superior performance at high currents.

Combined with beam deceleration technology (BDT), the FERA3 XM offers superior resolution at low beam voltages. The presence of high brightness Schottky emitter guarantees low-noise imaging at high currents. The in-beam BSE detector is ideal for imaging ferromagnetic samples. The real time in-flight beam tracing™ mechanism permits direct and continual control of beam current and beam spot.

Operations like SEM/FIB/GIS control, image acquisition, archiving, processing and analysis are done via advanced software using Windows™ platform.

Key Features

  • Fully automated microscope setup
  • High performance plasma i-FIB system ensures fast and precise cross sectioning and removal of material
  • High-throughput large-area automation
  • Three-lens wide field optics™ design with a broad range of working and displaying modes enables beam aperture optimization
  • Flicker-free digital image with excellent clarity
  • Turbomolecular and dry fore vacuum pump helps in achieving a clean chamber vacuum
  • Extended low vacuum mode with chamber pressure up to 500 Pa for imaging non-conducting samples
  • Automatic FIB cutting and signal acquiring
  • Motorized aperture changer in ion column provides ultra-high reproducibility
  • User-friendly software for SEM/FIB/GIS control and image capturing

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