Analyzing Conductive Samples with the LYRA3

The LYRA3 FEG is based on a high-performance FIB column and a high-resolution Schottky FEG-SEM column.

This new generation of field emission scanning electron microscopes (LYRA3 series) offers the benefits of the most recent technology to the users, for example, new enhanced high-performance electronics for more rapid image acquisition, an ultra-fast scanning system that compensates for static and dynamic image aberrations, or integrated scripting for user-defined applications, all the while maintaining the best price-to-performance ratio.

The LYRA3 series was developed with regard to a broad variety of FIB-SEM applications and requirements in present research and industry. Its outstanding resolution at high beam currents has been established to be beneficial for analytical applications such as WDX, EDX, 3D tomography, EBSD, and so on. Their potent software converts these TESCAN FIB-SEMs into brilliant tools for other applications, for example, TEM sample preparation, electron/ion lithography, and more.

LYRA3 focused ion beam scanning electron microscope is manufactured in configurations with GM and XM chambers.

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