Analyzing Conductive Samples with the LYRA3

Tescan’s LYRA3 XM is a Schottky field emission cathode coupled with SEM that is totally controlled by a PC. It is integrated with gallium Focused Ion Beam (FIB) column and an optional Gas Injection System (GIS). It features extra-large XM chamber models fitted with compucentric motorized manipulators and functions at high vacuum for analyzing conductive samples with superior imaging quality.

The XM configuration of the SEM facilitates fine sample surface observation and alteration of extra-large specimens. The non-conductive samples in their natural uncoated state can also be tested in variable pressure modes. SEM/FIB/GIS control and image capturing is done via advanced software using Windows™ system.

Key Features

  • Extra-large XM chamber with robust stage for holding large samples
  • Numerous interface ports with optimized analytical geometry for WDX, EBSD and EDX
  • Superior optical properties
  • Standard formats of stored images
  • YAG scintillator-based detectors
  • Integrated active vibration isolation prevents ambient vibrations in the laboratory
  • Flicker-free digital image with high clarity
  • Easy image management, processing and measurements
  • User-friendly software for image capturing and SEM/FIB/GIS control

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