Handling High and Low Vacuums with the VEGA3

TESCAN’s VEGA3 LM is a comprehensive PC controlled SEM engineered to manage both high vacuum and low vacuum operations. It has a traditional tungsten heated cathode and enables 3D measurements on a reconstructed surface using 3D metrology software.

TESCAN offers a selection of optional detectors and accessories, and also provides a range of options of chamber suspension type to guarantee efficient reduction of ambient vibrations in labs.

There are two VEGA3 configurations - VEGA3 LMU and VEGA3 LMH. The VEGA3 LMU is a variable pressure SEM that offers all the advantages of the high vacuum type with an extended option for low-vacuum operations, thus enabling the testing of non-conductive samples in their natural and uncoated state. The VEGA3 LMH is a large chamber version with extended motorized manipulator operating at high vacuum and is perfect for many applications where conductive materials are tested.

Key Features

  • Basic formats of stored images
  • Superior optical properties
  • User-friendly software for microscope control and image capturing using Windows™ system
  • Easy image management, processing and measurements
  • Automatic installation of the microscope
  • First-class YAG scintillator-based detectors
  • Flicker-free digital image with perfect clarity
  • Analysis of non-conductive samples in the variable pressure mode version
  • LM chamber label specifies a large analytical chamber with a fully five-axis motorized stage
  • 11 chamber interface ports with enhanced analytical geometry for EDX, WDX and EBSD
  • Full operating vacuum can be realized in a few minutes with powerful turbomolecular and rotary fore vacuum pumps


  • Tick - 01
  • Salt
  • Tramadol
  • Tramadol - 02
  • Pollen
  • Layer of a DVD
  • Crossed lines
  • Strontianite
  • Mo-needles
  • Greenfly
  • Greenfly on a leaf 3D
  • Marine turbine blade
  • Paper packing material

VEGA3 LM Application Images

Crossed lines - toner print over signature
Paper with natural composites covered on the surface
Marine turbine blade produced from Nickel superalloy – spalled region with salt crystals
Layer of a DVD
Observation of Strontianite (SrCO3) growth zones. Polished crossection, carbon coated.
Earth sciences
Needles of Molybdenum. Polised crossection, carbon coated.
Tramadol - 02

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