Solving Hydrogen Sulfide Problems with the Jerome 651

The Jerome® 651 monitoring system from Arizona Instrument is the ideal instrument for solving problems related to hydrogen sulfide monitoring. It can be stationed at any location and is particularly designed for providing long-term monitoring even in adverse weather conditions.

Multiple units can also be linked to form a perimeter monitoring system. Radio telemetry and data logging capabilities make downloading data both easy and simple from a remote PC.

Key Features

  • Programmable alarm points and email alerts
  • User selectable time-weighted average (TWA) reporting and alarms with email alerts
  • Wind speed, outside temperature and direction monitoring
  • Improved reporting function for compliance requirements
  • Temperature controlled interior for better accuracy
  • Inherently stable gold film sensor
  • Functional test module (FTM) correctly verifies the functions of the instrument between recommended annual factory calibrations
  • Linear response across the entire detection range
  • Site view tab to monitor all locations immediately
  • Maintenance tab for calibration reminders and system verification
  • User-friendly PC software
  • Data logging, 50,000 readings, post or wall mounting


The Jerome® 651 monitoring system can be used in various applications such as ambient air analysis, agricultural, leak detection, control room corrosion, regulatory compliance and permitting, quality control, monitoring (manhole, odor, landfill, fence-line), scrubber efficiency testing, regulatory compliance and source detection.

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