Mercury Vapor Analyzer

Arizona Instrument offers the Jerome J405 portable mercury vapor analyzer that redefines the portable mercury vapor analyzer market.

The combination of modern communications capabilities and significant performance improvements creates an innovative option for mercury spill detection and clean-up analysis.

The J405 portable mercury vapor analyzer uses the reliable, inherently stable, industry-proven gold film sensor technology and simple, one-button operation. The ergonomically-designed handle, a light exterior case and significantly lower detection capabilities (0.5 µg/m3) make Jerome J405 a portable, convenient, low-level mercury detection instrument.

Key Features

  • Battery-powered sensor regeneration
  • Meets EPA and ATSDR action levels
  • SCADA interface capabilities through 4-20 mA
  • USB data output (communications option)
  • 24 hour battery life
  • Auto time/date stamp
  • On-board data logging (20,000 data points) (communications option)
  • Functional Test Kit (FTK) correctly verifies the instrument functions between recommended annual factory calibrations


  • Ambient air analysis
  • First responders (hazmat) fluorescent lamps, disposal and recycling
  • Detection compliance, clean-up compliance
  • Mercury exclusion testing, monitoring (landfill, exhaust duct, mercury switches, light bulbs, equipment)
  • Gold mining, leak detection, hazardous waste sites
  • Source surveys, scrubber efficiency testing, worker safety
  • Plant environment, quality control, regulatory compliance

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