VANEOX® Pressing Technology for X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

FLUXANA’S VANEOX presses were designed and developed considering the needs of the clients as its priority. Particularly designed for laboratory use, the product features high versatility, usability, and the capability to handle a wide range of sample types easily and speedily.

VANEOX® 15 t

VANEOX’s 15 t press is a beneficial and productive model with outstanding design and technique. It’s a perfect ideal entry level press that complements any benchtop XRF tool. The lever position of the unit can be utilized to apply pressure as needed, making it very flexible and complaint in various environments and uses.

VANEOX® 25 t

VANEOX’s 25 t press is accessible in either electrical or manual versions. Compared to the 15 t, it can exert higher pressure. It also has a substantial track record and a strong design, having been utilized as a vital instrument in laboratory settings across the globe for many years.

VANEOX® 40 t

VANEOX’s 40 t press is sturdy, potent, and flexible tool that’s ideal for the high-end user. It also offers high quality workmanship of other models. This press includes a touch display for optimum usability and electrical, three-step pressure build-up.

In fact, the press can accommodate up to 10 various applications programs. Thus, it allows procedures to be automated as needed. Moreover, the unit’s combined drawer can be removed as required, allowing the press chamber to be cleaned faster and easily.


Aside from the presses, FLUXANA offers a complete variety of tools for common sample preparation techniques. These techniques can include 32 mm, 40 mm, 40/32 mm rings and 51.5/35 mm rings along with special, customer-specific sizes with or without the rings. Apart from this, the firm’s accredited development laboratory can design a comprehensive application for clients needing a more tailored service.

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