Conveyor Belt Scale Systems

Plants that handle a lot of bulk heavy material must weigh, monitor, and feed the material to crushers, mills, preparation plants or screens to be processed. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of belt scales with a range that delivers exemplary reliability and versatility, our belt scales ensure you can accurately monitor and efficiently regulate production output and inventory in your plant.

A belt scale system consists of three major elements:

  • A weighing carriage with load cell(s) measure the weight of material on the belt
  • The belt speed sensor and electronic integrator join the output signals from the scale load cell(s) 
  • The speed sensor arrives at a rate of material flow and the total material passed over the scale.


Some belt scale systems provide basic rate information and totalization functions in processes involving non-critical or lower value materials with an accuracy of ±1%. Other belt scale systems can monitor the feed processes with an accuracy of ±0.5%, or with better-than-normal accuracy of ±0.25%. If you need to achieve high accuracy in your weighing applications requiring certification by government and regulatory agencies, there are belt scale systems that consist of a 4-idler, 4-load cell weighbridge, speed sensor and electronics to provide stable high-accuracy weighing. These systems provide extremely accurate measurements to within +/-0.125%. 

Learn which belt scale system is the right one for your application from our belt scale selection guide here.

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