Remote Control Spotlight / Flood Light from Larson Electronics Magnalight

The RCL360 is a remote controlled, heavy duty halogen spotlight, producing a spot beam that reaches 1050 feet or a flood beam that covers and area 90 feet long by 90 feet wide. This motorized spotlight can be positioned by hand, due to its "slip" motor design, and a hard wired dash mount controller features a stainless steel joystick for remote operation. Operators can remain in the vehicle, boat cabin, etc. and control the light mounted outside via the dash mounted joystick controller.

Operators can control the output and position of this spotlight with the wired dash mount controller, which is connected to the light via a 20 foot wire harness. A key feature of this remote control spotlight is the "up and over" capability. Unlike most remote control lights, this light can be used to point straight upwards while maintaining full beam width. There are no housing or physical limits blocking the upward facing angles. This light can also point nearly directly downward, limited only by the very narrow base. Basically, this remote controlled light offers a complete range of coverage, due to its unique "yolk" based designed.

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