Ramsey Series 14 Belt Scale System

The Thermo Scientific™ line of industrial in-motion weighing, inspection, monitoring and control equipment is used for process control, production monitoring and automation.

The Thermo Scientific Ramsey™ Series 14 Belt Scale System is specifically designed for high accuracy or basis-of-payment applications requiring certification by government and regulatory agencies. It is extremely accurate to within +/- 0.125% and is the most widely certified belt scale in the world.

This precision belt scale system lets you monitor production output and inventory, or regulate product loadout, while providing vital information for the effective management and efficient operation of your business.


The system has four major components:

  1. Ramsey Flex Integrator: provides intelligence to weighing system for accurate production monitoring, inventory tracking and controlled product load-out.
  2. Weighbridge: features full-floating unitized assemblies with no pivots or moving parts. Made with structural steel tubing.
  3. Ramsey 61-12N digital belt speed sensor: extremely reliable, accurate for sensing speeds. No wheels’ ride on the belt eliminating issues around material build-up and slippage.
  4. Ramsey Flex digitizers: deliver output signal from the weighbridge load cells and speed sensor to the electronic integrator with a robust, reliable signal. Single and quad digitizers are available.

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