Ramsey Series 20 Belt Scale System

The Thermo Scientific™ Ramsey™ Series 20 Belt Scale system is designed for general in-plant belt conveyor weighing applications in the most demanding industrial environments. It lets you monitor production output and inventory with an accuracy of ±0.5%, or regulate product loadout, while providing vital information for the effective management and efficient operation of your business.


  • Rugged construction for harsh applications, indoor or outdoor installation, fixed or portable conveyors.
  • Weighbridge slim profile and no moving/wearing parts minimize material build-up. Precision strain-gauge load cell(s) applied in tension ensure alignment, accuracy.
  • Integrator provides intelligence to weighing system for accurate production monitoring, inventory tracking, and controlled product load-out.
  • Reliable, accurate digital belt speed sensor eliminates material build-up, slippage issues because no wheels ride on the belt.
  • Digitizers: deliver output signal from weighbridge load cells and speed sensor to electronic integrator with a more robust, reliable signal.

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