Ramsey Series 30 Belt Scale System

The Thermo Scientific™ Ramsey™ Series 30 Belt Scale System is specifically designed for operations where economy and ease of installation are important considerations. It's ideally suited for applications in processes involving either non-critical or lower value materials. 

The 10-30 belt scale system will weigh and totalize to a value within + / -1% of test value when calibrated against a known test weight, chain or standard electronic calibration. It provides basic rate and totalization functions which can be used for process control and/or production output monitoring.


The Ramsey 10-30 scale system consists of three major elements: the single-idler 10-30 weighbridge, the belt speed sensor and the electronics.

The 10-30 model is a low deflection, rigid and rugged weighbridge. It’s available in single or dual load cell versions and includes the following features:

  • Unitized, one-piece construction for easy drop-in installation.
  • Pivotless full-floating platform scale design.
  • Precision, hermetically sealed, strain gauge load cell(s).
  • End clearance eliminates material jamming and build-up.
  • Accepts standard conveyor idler and fits any standard conveyor.

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