TR100 Mining Truck from Terex Corporation

Specially designed with a rugged frame to provide superior levels of productivity in the roughest terrain, Terex Rigid Trucks are up to the task. With one of the best reliability records in the industry, and with payloads ranging from 35 tons to 100 tons, you can move more, faster, with Terex.


  • Maximum Payload - 91 tonne (100 US ton)
  • Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight - 157 720 kg (347 715 lb) DD
  • Heaped Capacity - 57 m3 (74.5 yd3)
  • Gross Power - 783 kW (1 050 hp)


  • Rugged construction for maximum durability in tough conditions
  • Dual mode retardation - oil-cooled disc brakes or transmission retarder
  • High-torque rise, high-power engine
  • High-visibility cab with deluxe interior

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