Spiral Gold Concentrators from Oro Industries Ltda.

The Multi-Helix Spiral is “hands down” the most efficient gold concentrator available in the industry. It has a proven track record with a recovery rate of 99% of all free gold. It is a commercial duty, gravity concentrator for both alluvial and fine milled hard rock ores and has the highest concentration ratio AND highest recovery rate of any gravity concentrator on the market today.

The Multi-Helix Spiral allows for full adjustment to the ore-matrix or concentrate yielding a peak concentration ratio with virtually no loss of gold. With the ability to adjust to any ore matrix, the spiral recovers all fine gold down to 100 mesh and less. So fine that it cannot be panned nor seen with the naked eye, only with a loop, resulting in a finish or smelting grade concentrate.

The Helix Spiral is more practical and more efficient than a concentrating table due to it’s simple operation, continuous feed and higher volume (4 times the volume of a 4’x8’ finish table). Send us your ore sample and we will show you what you are missing with your present concentrator.

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