VB 4.0¬¡ (TU 24.08.1275-82) Drop Side Car from The Western Ural Machine Building Group of companies (ZUMK Group)

The automatic couplings can be replaced by buffers with link couplings upon customer¡¯s requirements. The holders are welded to the body bottom for the car unloading.
The drop side upper part is connected to a leverage, and the lower part is held by the rollers fixed on the body. The base is supported by the wheel pair axles with rubber shock absorbers.
The side release system consists of the leverage including supports and levers. At the body drop the leverage elevates the drop side. When the body is lowered the leverage brings the drop side to its initial position.The car is unloaded by turning the body by rod pushers to 45¨¬, which makes the car side drop.
The VB5.0¬¡ car differs from the 5.0 modification by the increased bottom width towards the drop side, which enables avoiding muck spillage on track at unloading.

Other Equipment