MD320 Box hole borers from Sandvik Mining and Construction

The Sandvik Box Hole Borer is designed as a small TBM for steep inclines. The MD320 is well suited for short connection holes between the main haulage level and the stope. The holes can be used for ore passes as well as for travel ways or ventilation - or other mine related purposes, where a circular hole with a smooth surface is beneficial.

Features and values

  • Blind boring concept – no need for developed space at the end of the hole
  • Drill operation independent from the stope development
  • Very compact design, own launching tube, either rail bound or crawler mounted
  • Operated from the power pack
  • Safe and ergonomic working conditions
  • Dimensions to fit in most mining cages without being disassembled
  • Correction of drill direction possible
  • Discharge of the muck into hoppers by means of vacuum system

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