Spectro Inc. Spectro-Visc Automatic Viscometer Oil Viscosity Analyzer

The Spectro-Visc is a fast, accurate, and cost effective instrument for the determinationn of kinematic viscosity in used oils and other fluids.

The Spectro-Visc is a bench-top semi-automatic kinematic temperature bath viscometer optimized for the analysis of used and new lubricants. It conforms to the requirements in ASTM D445, D446, D7279, IP 71 and ISO 3104. It is also the ideal system for used oil analysis laboratories that need to test a wide range of lubricant viscosities.

The Spectro-Visc is a self-contained viscometer system that consists of a thermostatic bath with circular heater and a control column. The bath contains 4 patented viscometer tubes together with optical sensors to detect the flow of oil through the tubes. All measuring tubes function independently of each other. The control column has an LCD display that provides the user with information about the system’s status and an array of LED’s indicate the current status of each measuring tube. An optional external computer can also be used to control the system for applications where more extensive data handling requirements are necessary.

Also available is a Dual Bath viscometer that is able to perform up to 120 samples per hour. This Dual Bath SpectroVISC takes up 40% less space than two single bath viscometers and can run two identical samples simultaneously at two different temperatures. After the analysis is complete, a viscosity index (VI) is automatically calculated and reported to the user.

Features of The Spectro-Visc include:

  • Compliant with requirements for ASTM D 445, D 7279 and related specifications.
  • High throughput – up to 60 samples per hour to ASTM precision.
  • Small sample volume – 0.3 to 0.6 ml.
  • Low solvent consumption – 2.5 ml per sample.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Automatic flow time measurement.
  • Fully automatic cleaning and drying.
  • Fast, easy tube replacement, no need to drain bath.
  • Single or dual solvent injection system.
  • Ultra-precise meniscus detection.
  • No PC required for system to operate.
  • System is chemically resistant.
  • Optional dual measurement capability.

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