X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD ) - D8 Advance from Bruker

Although the D8 ADVANCE is the top-selling X-ray diffractometer for powder XRD applications, its capabilities reach far into other realms of X-ray diffraction. Facilitating more than 10,000 possible combinations of different X-ray tubes, X-ray optics, sample stages, and X-ray detectors, the optimal configuration can always be reached. In addition, the modular design of the D8 ADVANCE enables an easy and straightforward change of configuration. The analytical capabilities can be expanded or simplified. A simple system can be purchased now and upgraded later, allowing for a perfectly cost-efficient X-ray diffraction system.

The push-plug optics of the D8 ADVANCE enables a quick switch between the para-focusing Bragg-Brentano geometry to parallel beam geometry without realignment of the system. For the “cut above” standard powder diffraction, the D8 ADVANCE with Vario1 Johansson focusing monochromator features high-flux K-alpha-1 radiation for reflection as well as for foil or capillary transmission experiments.

D8 ADVANCE – Sample stage concept

The sample stage concept of the D8 ADVANCE allows for many different sample environments. These range from 10 K Helium closed-cycle cryostats up to non-ambient sample conditions with high temperature and humidity. For ambient conditions, the flip-stick sample stage and the auto changer provide the capability of measuring a batch of up to 90 samples in transmission as well as in reflection geometry.

Detector technology is an important core competence of Bruker AXS. This means that the D8 ADVANCE can be equipped with the full range of point and linear detectors. According to the analytical requirements, the user can choose between different types of dynamic scintillation counter, energy dispersive SOL-XE, or the Super Speed VÅNTEC-1.

No matter how the individual diffraction solution is configured, any D8 ADVANCE has the ability to perform a full range of applications, from qualitative and quantitative phase identification, under ambient or non ambient conditions, to crystal structure solution from powder samples, crystallite size determination, micro strain analysis, residual stress analysis, and preferred orientation.

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