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Cone Crusher - Sandvik Vibrocone

Cone Crusher - Sandvik Vibrocone

Vibrocone is a crusher which is developed from Sandvik. It consists of a crushing chamber having a concave or bowl liner, and a mantle. It is designed in such a way that it can automatically detect and safely react to uncrushable objects such as tramp metal. An automation control system is present for monitoring the crusher, and is also provided with a frequency converter for controlling speed of the main motor. It has excellent grinding performance, and enables producing unprecedented amount of finely crushed product due to the combination of best conventional crushing and grinding principles. Multiple compressions enable crushing the material in a thick material bed. The Vibrocone saves up to 30% of energy for the downstream process, and ensures high safety. It can be automatically supervised and regulated. It is cost effective, and easy to maintain, install, and operate.


The specifications of the Vibrocone are:

Rated power 400 kW (530 hp)
Feed size Top size 150 mm (6 in), less sensitive to fines
Product sizes 80% passing 6-8 mm (1/4-5/6 in)
50% passing 2-4 mm (10-5 U.S. mesh)
Capacity 200-300 mtph (220-330 stph)
Start/Stop Full with material

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