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  • Article - 8 Jan 2013
    Wardite is a hydrous sodium aluminum phosphate hydroxide mineral and crystallizes in the tetragonal trapezohedral class. It was named after Henry Augustus Ward, an American collector and dealer in...
  • Article - 8 Feb 2013
    Deerite was first discovered in Laytonville quarry, 5 miles south of Laytonville, Mendocino Co. California in 1964. It was named for William Alexander Deer, mineralogist-petrologist, Cambridge...
  • Article - 3 Aug 2021
    The mining industry is beginning to look to heavy-duty battery electric vehicles to replace its fleets of diesel-powered machines.
  • Article - 12 Jul 2013
    PT United Tractors Semen Gresik (UTSG), a joint venture between PT. Semen Gresik (Perse-ro) Tbk and PT. United Tractors Tbk, was incepted as a mine contracting company in October 15, 1992.
  • Article - 16 Aug 2012
    Swaziland, with a total population of 1,386,914 as of July 2012, is located off the southern part of Africa, between Mozambique and South Africa. Swaziland covers a total area of 17,364 km2 and has...
  • Article - 19 Oct 2012
    Rwanda, with a total population of 11,689,696 as of July 2012, is located in Central Africa, east of Democratic Republic of the Congo. The country mostly has a temperate climate and covers a total...
  • Article - 15 Sep 2012
    Oman is a part of the Middle East countries and is located between Yemen and UAE.
  • Article - 25 Mar 2014
    Open-pit mining is a surface-mining operation in which rocks or minerals are extracted from the Earth by creating an open hole or pit in the Earth’s surface.
  • Article - 21 Oct 2013
    Caresite is a member of the quintinite group of minerals. The mineral was first discovered in 1997 from Poudrette quarry, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Rouville County, Quebec, as well as in the Corporation...
  • Article - 26 Aug 2013
    Barbosalite has been named to honor Aluizio Licinio de Miranda Barbosa, who is a Professor of Geology at the School of Mines, Ouro Preto, Brazil. It belongs to the Lazulite mineral group and forms a...