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  • Article - 12 Feb 2018
    This article looks at the characteristics and uses of offshore structural steel.
  • Article - 15 Nov 2017
    Within the earth’s crust, radioactive elements such as uranium (U) and thorium (Th) exist; creating a field of radiation that can vary depending upon the specific location’s geology.
  • Article - 28 Oct 2016
    A mining operation is a combination of multiple activities. The automated control used in many drilling operations, allows an operator to configure and run the equipment remotely.
  • Article - 10 Aug 2012
    In this interview, Daniel Rozel talks about his work regarding water pollution associated with fracking and how this can be reduced.
  • Article - 19 May 2012
    'Fracking'is currently a hot topic in the media, but what does it mean? This article aims to explain the theory and applications of this modern mining technique.
  • Article - 13 Apr 2023
    International scientists have invented a revolutionary energy storage method by transferring sand into abandoned subterranean mines. Underground Gravity Energy Storage (UGES) is a revolutionary...
  • Article - 2 Feb 2023
    This article will explore how decarbonization could increase mining waste and how this problem can be mitigated.
  • Article - 26 Jan 2023
    The mining sector faces several critical challenges as it evolves toward a more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective industry that will meet the demands of 21st-century consumers and the aims of...
  • Article - 5 Jan 2023
    RockMass Technologies is a Canadian startup that provides a data collection platform for underground mining and related applications. Its co-founder and CEO was recently recognized for this...
  • Article - 20 Dec 2022
    Australian mining startup GreaseBoss was recently awarded for its innovative automated greasing platform at a mining industry ceremony.