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  • Article - 18 Oct 2019
    This article discusses the production of ceramics using mining waste by utilizing it as an alternative raw material with the potential to develop diversification among products and cut costs.
  • Article - 5 Sep 2019
    This article discusses mining industry and the importance of nanoparticles within it.
  • Article - 26 Aug 2019
    Acid mine drainage (AMD) is a significant source of water pollution in areas surrounding current and historic metal and coal mine sites.
  • Article - 18 Jul 2019
    Like coal and oil, natural gas is a fossil fuel created by the pressurized, high-temperature decomposition of organic material over millions of years.
  • Article - 3 Jul 2019
    Trace metals are found naturally in the environment and living things in minimal amounts, and are the metal subset of trace elements.
  • Article - 12 Apr 2019
    Uranium is a radioactive metal commonly used in the production of nuclear fuel and has the potential to produce massive amounts of energy. To realize this, uranium must undergo the nuclear fuel cycle.
  • Article - 26 Mar 2019
    In this article, we look at the use of lubricants in the mining industry and why it is beneficial.
  • Article - 4 Apr 2018
    Recently, several news stories in China and worldwide have underscored the nation’s huge strides forwards in environmental protection.
  • Article - 5 Mar 2014
    Leaching is a chemical process in mining for extracting valuable minerals from the ore. Leaching also takes place in nature where the rocks are dissolved by water. Post leaching, the rocks areleft...
  • Equipment
    The Epsilon Xflow is designed for the uninterrupted analysis of the elemental composition of liquids and liquors, offering real-time insight during ore processing.