FracSIS 3D Visualisation for Exploration and Mining

FracSIS 3D Visualisation for Exploration and Mining

FracSIS is a spatial database and 3D visualisation package for exploration and mining. It combines a powerful object-oriented database specifically designed to store geological, geochemical and geophysical data with an interactive 3D visualisation environment. The benefits of FracSIS' data integration can be seen across an entire organisation, from management to geologists to clients.

As it stores both geological and non-geological files (including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF documents), FracSIS databases are the perfect vehicle for project management, collaboration, and data distribution.

FracSIS includes many useful tools and features to enhance data interpretation and visualisation, including:

  • CAD drawing tools
  • animation creation and movie export
  • attribute editing
  • block model visualisation
  • web export
  • document storage
  • multiple coordinate system support
  • drill hole designer
  • data export to MapInfo, GXF, DXF and ASCII formats
  • analytical tools: dip & azimuth, distance
  • image draping
  • colour or size mapping from attributes
  • cutting planes at any orientation
  • saving and loading colour legends
  • label and text annotation tools

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