QMASTOR Horizon Advanced Planning & Scheduling

QMASTOR Horizon Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Horizon is a bulk commodity supply chain planning and scheduling system that enables complex supply chains or components thereof to be modelled, planned and scheduled simply and efficiently. A combination of manual and automated scheduling mechanisms in conjunction with a commercial grade business rules management engine provide enhanced decision support via optimised planning and scheduling capability.

The system provides APS solutions for the fulfilment of export, import and domestic bulk commodity demand; shipping and berth scheduling; bulk terminal stockyards; transportation (eg rail, truck; barge); mine product stockyards and process plants (eg Wash plants; Crushers; OBP).

Horizon incorporates a user friendly, intuitive workbench that represents all of the immediate scheduling elements required to make effective decisions.  A heuristics based solving engine delivers optimal schedules and plans based upon site specific, business driven sets of strategies and weighted key performance indicators. Underlying the Horizon system is a commercial grade business rules engine which stores and manages all relevant operating procedures, preferences and business rules used in the schedule determination.

Horizon represents the next generation of decision support systems for mining operations.  With the ability to assess hundreds (or thousands) of temporal business rules and constraints, consider capacities, tasks, assignments, resources, KPI’s and outages; and return an automated solution for the proposed plan/schedule within seconds, can you afford not to optimise your supply chain planning horizons?

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