Sulfur-in-Oil Analyser SLFA-UV21A from Horiba Scientific

HORIBA's SLFA-UV21A sulfur in oil analysis system is the most recent sulfur analyzer instrument that reflects the demanding needs to measure ultra-low sulfur fuels, diesel and RFG. The combination of HORIBA's years of experience in sulfur analysis and the proven technology of our atmospheric sulfur detector creates a revolutionary analyzing technology that involves high sensitivity and precision. SLFA-UV21A confirms to the standard "ASTM D5453(USA)".

Using combustion ultraviolet fluorescence offers a lower detection limit of 30 ppb and a measurement range of 30ppb to 1 wt%. Detection limit of 30ppb enables new realms of measurement sensitivity. HORIBA's high sensitivity analyzer makes rapid, precise measurements of petroleum fuel samples from gasoline to light oils. Windows-based application software enables easy operation and sophisticated functions. Low level nitrogen analysis is possible using HORIBA's recognized chemiluminescence nitrogen detector technology.

Key Features

The key features of Sulfur-in-Oil Analyser SLFA-UV21A are:

  • Reflective filter for high sensitivity analysis
  • Windows-based application software allows easy operation and sophisticated functions.
  • SLFA-UV21A confirms to the standard "ASTM D5453 (USA)"
  • Horizontal oven offers higher combustion efficiency
  • Excellent repeatability and 30ppb detection limit
  • Unique 4 axes auto sampler with automatic syringe cleaning mechanism

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