Non-Contact Measurement Laser Level Transmitter

The LLT100 from ABB is a high performance laser transmitter that can accurately measure the level, distance, and position across short and long ranges. It is specifically built for industrial applications and harsh environments.

By packaging laser ranging technology with the necessary attributes that are vital for industrial applications, the company takes laser level transmitters to the next level of non-contact measurements.

The LLT100 offers constant, non-contact level measurement abilities for process automation and inventory management in several industries dealing with solids or liquids, including clear liquids.


The key features of the LLT100 are as follows:

  • Convenient
    • Flexible and quick installation
    • Easy setup function
    • HART communication and two wire powered
  • Quick delivery
    • Less than two weeks from order to reception
  • Low cost of ownership
    • Maintenance is not required
    • Does not require calibration
    • Versatile level transmitter
  • Reliable
    • Precise measurement of any solid or liquid surface
    • Dust and fog penetration capabilities
    • Explosion proof class 1/division 1 (zone 1)


The key applications of the LLT100 are as follows:

  • Aggregates
  • Pharma
  • Power
  • Chemical
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Pulp and paper
  • Water and waste water
  • Food and beverages

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